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Clupy Family
Clupy family
There is something completely new for magic moments! You can only get it in the clupy world. With the help of our fluorescent light-switch frames which glow at night you can create magic moments in the children´s room during the day and at night.

Our creatively designed clupy light-switch frames are a decoration for every light-switch. During the day they are an inspiring eye-catcher and at night every clupy functions as a soft orientation light. Thereby your child can easily find every light-switch and the way to the door.

Our clupies are so charming because of their cheerful, colorful design and the various models allow many different possibilities of decorating. Moreover, our amazing little pieces of art have become collectors´ items that create great pleasure.

The clupies are made from recyclable cardboard and can easily be attached to your light-switches. Choose the clupy design which is suitable for your light-switch program. The clupies have different dimensions. Pay attention to the right- and left-focused models when you buy the clupies to ensure that they have enough space next to the door frame.
Clupy Night
Clupy Andreas Gabalier